How Do I Remove Guppy Fry From A Tank?

Guppy fry are the young of the guppy fish, and they can be a nuisance in a tank if not removed. There are a few methods that can be used to remove them, including using a net, removing the plants they are hiding in, or using a chemical treatment.

How do you get a fry out of a tank?

There are a few different ways to get a fry out of a tank. The first way is to use a net.

You can put the net into the tank and scoop the fry out. The second way is to use a cup.

You can put the cup into the tank and scoop the fry out. The third way is to use a siphon.

You can put the siphon into the tank and suck the fry out.

How to get the gunk out of the aquarium without removing the substrate?

There are a few ways that you can get the gunk out of your aquarium without removing the substrate. One way is to use a gravel vacuum.

This vacuum will siphon the gunk out of the gravel and into a bucket. You can then dispose of the gunk properly.

Another way is to use a turkey baster. You can suck up the gunk with the turkey baster and then dispose of it properly.

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What fish won t eat guppy fry?

There are a few different species of fish that are known to not eat guppy fry, and these include the clown pleco, the golden apple snail, and the common pleco. These fish typically don’t bother with guppy fry because they are too small to be worth the effort, and they are also not a natural part of these fish’s diet.

There are other fish that may eat guppy fry on occasion, but it is generally not a common occurrence.

What to do with unwanted guppy fry?

If you find yourself with too many guppy fry, there are a few things you can do to thin out the population. You can give some away to friends or family who have an aquarium, or you can take them to your local fish store to see if they are interested in taking them off your hands.

If you decide to keep them, you can set up a separate tank for them, or you can try to raise them with other peaceful fish species. Regardless of what you decide to do, it is important to keep an eye on the fry and make sure that they are getting enough to eat.

Will shrimp eat guppy fry?

It is not recommended to house shrimp and guppy fry together as the shrimp may eat the fry. If you must keep them together, it is best to provide plenty of hiding places for the fry and to keep a close eye on them to make sure they are getting enough to eat.

Will shrimp eat guppy fry?

How do you get rid of guppies in an aquarium?

If you want to get rid of guppies in your aquarium, there are a few options. One is to simply remove them from the aquarium and put them in another tank.

Another option is to use a fish trap, which will allow you to remove the guppies without having to remove all the other fish in the aquarium. Finally, you can use a chemical treatment, such as a guppy-specific poison, to kill the guppies.

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What to do with extra guppies?

If you have extra guppies, you can either keep them or give them away. If you decide to keep them, you will need to provide them with a tank that is large enough to accommodate all of them.

You will also need to make sure that the tank has plenty of hiding places and plants for the guppies to hide in. If you decide to give them away, you can either give them to a friend or donate them to a local aquarium.

What fish eat guppy fry?

Guppy fry are typically eaten by other fish, especially those that are larger in size. This is because guppy fry are small and easy to eat, and they provide a good source of nutrition for other fish.

Some of the most common predators of guppy fry include other fish such as bass, catfish, and pike.

How do I get rid of guppy fry?

There are a few different ways that you can get rid of guppy fry, depending on your preference. One option is to simply remove the fry from the tank and dispose of them.

Another option is to sell or give them away to another aquarium owner. Finally, you can keep the fry in the tank and allow them to grow to adulthood.

Should you remove the guppy fry?

Guppy fry, or baby guppies, are often born in high numbers and can quickly overpopulate an aquarium. While it may be tempting to keep all of the fry, it is often best to remove them from the tank.

This is because they can compete with their parents for food and also spread disease.

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If you do decide to remove the fry, there are a few different methods you can use. One is to scoop them out with a net and place them in a separate tank.

Another is to use a breeding trap, which is a small enclosure that allows the fry to escape but not the adults.

Whichever method you choose, it is important to be careful not to damage the fry or stress out the parents. Guppy fry are delicate and can easily be harmed by rough handling.

What do baby guppies do after they are born?

newborn guppies are born with a yolk sac attached to their belly. This yolk sac provides them with nutrients for the first few days of their life.

Once the yolk sac is gone, they will start to look for food. Baby guppies are very small and are not able to compete with adult guppies for food.

They will often hide among the plants in their tank and come out to eat when the adults are not around. Baby guppies are also very susceptible to predators.

If there are other fish in the tank, they may be eaten by them. It is important to provide plenty of hiding places and feed them small amounts of food often.

What do guppy fry eat?

Guppy fry are very small and need to eat very small food. They can eat things like brine shrimp, daphnia, and microworms.

You can also buy special fry food that is very small and easy for them to eat.

What size tank is best for frog fry?

Frog fry are best kept in a tank that is at least 10 gallons, but 20 gallons is ideal. This allows for plenty of room for the fry to grow and develop, and also gives them plenty of space to swim and explore.

A larger tank will also help to keep the water quality higher, as there will be more volume of water to dilute any waste products.


If you want to remove guppy fry from a tank, the best way to do it is to use a net. First, turn off all the lights in the room so the fry are not scared.

Then, gently net them and put them in a separate tank.